Laura Brothers

We Produce a Lot of Waste Over the Year, but the Holidays Are When We Waste the Most

The average household produces more than 1.1 tons of waste every year, and it’s during the festive period that we waste the most. We create 30 percent more waste than usual over Christmas—everything from cards and envelopes, wrapping paper, boxes from biscuits and chocolates, shopping bags, wine bottles and toy packaging. Americans spend around $3.2 billion every year on wrapping paper, mot of which will just end up in the trash. On average, each household will chuck out an extra five bags of waste over Christmas, adding up to 812,000 tons of refuse every year.

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Can You Name the World's Top 5 Fuel Guzzling Countries? Here's an Interactive Map

Although countries are putting effort into using green and sustainable energies, the fact remains that we are still very much dependent on oil—and oil consumption in the world is still growing.

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