Latino Decisions

Senators Who Killed the Dream Act Likely to Face Latino Backlash in 2012 and Beyond

Yesterday the U.S. Senate failed to invoke cloture on the DREAM Act (HR 5281), ending the chance for any legislative accomplishments on the issue of immigration. While much of the last two years was spent addressing the issues of health care reform, and the economy, to Latino voters a third issue loomed as being equally important for the President and Congress to address – immigration reform. In our final tracking poll released November 1, 2010 Latino voters told us that immigration was the second most important issue, just behind the economy. In our 2010 election eve poll 48 percent of Latino voters said jobs/economy was the top issue of concern, but immigration loomed as a major issue with 37 percent calling it the top issue to be addressed. And when asked specifically about the DREAM Act, the same poll found 75 percent of Latino voters said it was very or extremely important for the DREAM Act to be passed by Congress, with another 13 percent saying somewhat important — that’s 88 percent all told who thought it was important for Congress to pass DREAM.

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