Lanre Bakare

Who Can Succeed Jon Stewart? A Look at the Candidates

Amy Schumer. Schumer is arguably the most natural fit to replace Stewart. She’s had a hugely successful show on Comedy Central (Inside Amy Schumer), her act revolves around playing with left-leaning topics (gender politics, discrimination and objectification) and she manages to pull in an almost equal amount of male and female viewers. She’s also in the new Judd Apatow film Trainwreck, which has a work-in-progress screening at SXSW, and that could push her brand into the US mainstream for good. Whether she really wants to commit to a four-day-a-week show that grinds up political news and repackages it satirically is another matter.

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Chris Rock: 'When We Talk About Racial Progress, It's All Nonsense'

Ahead of the release of his new film Top Five, the comedian Chris Rock has offered a wide-ranging critique of contemporary America with acerbic takedowns of the Republicans, race relations in the US and perceptions of Barack Obama’s presidency.

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Former Amazon Employee Set for Hunger Strike at Seattle Headquarters

A former Amazon employee embroiled in a legal battle with the online retailer is set to go on hunger strike in an attempt to force the company to change business practices which he calls “deceptive and fraudulent”.

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