Katie McDonough

Bill O’Reilly & Josh Duggar’s Shame Is America’s Shame: How Abusive And Violent Men Get Away With It

Bill O’Reilly is alleged to have choked his wife and dragged her down a set of stairs. He also sexually harassed a former producer at his network and allegedly threatened retaliation when she complained. He is still a marquee name at Fox News. Josh Duggar sexually abused at least five underage girls, and his abuse was known to his family and his church. Until this week, he was the head of the political arm of the Family Research Council, cozying up with Republican presidential hopefuls.

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We’re Living in an Anti-Choice Nightmare: 25 Ways Anti-Women Warriors Are Playing Doctor

House Republicans voted on Wednesday to pass a modified but still terrible version of their 20-week abortion ban. The measure no longer includes a provision forcing rape victims to report the assault to the police in order to access care, but it still makes them jump through hoops. Instead of mandatory reporting to law enforcement, the updated bill requires victims to seek mandatory counseling — effectively a waiting period. It is still unconstitutional. It is still based on phony science.

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Market for Big Profits from Breast Milk Raises Many Questions

I witnessed the power of breast milk — as a magic health elixir and apparent social lubricant — earlier this month when my friend, while playing with her young son, was approached by a stranger and asked if she was breast-feeding. It went something like this:

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Why Rape Survivors Terrify Fox News & the Gun Lobby

Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich this week told students at Iowa State University that guns “can be a woman’s best defense against a sexual assault,” and called opposition to campus carry laws a ploy to turn women into victims “in order to uphold an anti-gun political philosophy.”

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'Lean the F*** Away from Me': Jessica Williams Responds to Critic Second-Guessing Her Career Choices

After a week of intense speculation about who would be taking over “The Daily Show,” Jessica Williams addressed the rumors that she was (or at least should be) the heir apparent for host. In a series of tweets, Williams thanked people for the support, but said she wouldn’t be sitting behind the anchor desk any time soon. “Fact 1: I’m not hosting. Thank you but I am extremely under-qualified for the job!” she tweeted. “I am super not right for it, but there are quite a few people who are! Can’t wait to stick around & see what happens.”

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“The Human Experience Has a Crisis”: Ai-Jen Poo on “Elder Boom” and the Labor of Dealing With Death

Every eight seconds, another American turns 65. By 2030, the percentage of our population that is 65 or older will be 20 percent. We are on the verge of what analysts are calling “elder boom,” with an aging population that will have needs — medical, financial and emotional — that our current system is ill-equipped to meet.

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The Right Is Coming for Your Birth Control - They Just Don't Want You to Know It, Yet

Anti-choice conservatives want the public to believe that abortion and birth control are the same thing so that it becomes impossible to access both. But because openly going after birth control has shown itself to be a form of political death, politicians and anti-choice advocacy groups have been working to conflate contraception and abortion when it’s politically convenient. The lie is by design, and it’s working.

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Louisiana Parish Claims Incarcerated 14-Year-Old Consented to be Raped by a Corrections Officer

A Louisiana parish is arguing that it should not be held liable for the rape of a 14-year-old girl in a juvenile detention center because the victim “consented” to be sexually assaulted by a 40-year-old corrections officer at the facility.

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Camille Paglia Thinks Rape is Intrinsic to Men’s Nature, and Some Men Are OK With That

I get lots of unsolicited emails from men who want to tell me things. Often, these men will just want to tell me that I am wrong, but sometimes they will also want to tell me about someone else — someone who is right, so that I might learn from them. One such man emailed me on Monday to let me know that I should read Camille Paglia’s latest for Time because she is “someone who has a clue.”

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