Kathleen McKeoghain

Atlantic Salmon Is Basically Extinct: You’re Eating a Genetically Eroded Version

Atlantic salmon, the native salmon that used to inhabit the northern Atlantic Ocean, rivers and seas, is a species now represented by an impostor: farmed salmon. Also known as cultured salmon, farmed salmon comes from hatchery genetic stock and unlike its native ancestors, lacks wild genetic variation. The wild fish our ancestors ate is gone. What appears on our dinner plates is a substitute copy, a genetic dilution of a once mighty fish, the adaptive king of the sea, and a significant food for coastal humans since prehistoric times.

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Do We Really Want GMO Salmon Swimming Into the Food Chain?

The recent approval of genetically engineered salmon for human consumption by the FDA brought back my memories of the Golden Rice controversy. It also raises a question, amid the conflicts of our world: who gets fed?

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