Katherine Martinko

American Kids Spend More Than Two Hours a Day Staring at Screens

Children under the age of nine in the United States spend more than two hours a day with screens, whether it's watching YouTube, Netflix, or playing games. If this number seems high, it actually hasn't changed much since 2011, when Common Sense Media conducted its first survey on media use among kids ages 0 to 8. Now, in its 2017 report, based on a survey of 1,454 parents, Common Sense Media has found that the form in which media is consumed has shifted significantly.

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11 Foods You Should Never Refrigerate

Refrigerators are marvelous inventions, but they tend to be overused by many home cooks, who assume that everything will last longer if refrigerated. The fact is, some foods do benefit from chilling, but others do much better if left at room temperature. Learn which foods you should not refrigerate for longer lasting, better tasting produce.

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Guess What Scientists Found in Your Favorite German Beer?

Researchers filtered 24 brands of German beer for contaminants and found some things that really shouldn't be there.

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7 Food Strategies for a Natural Energy Boost

Food is fuel for our bodies, and our bodies reflect what we put into them. By learning how to eat in ways that boost energy and combat fatigue, you can do a lot to optimize your mental and physical performance throughout the day.

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6 Shocking Facts About Seafood Production

Gone are the peaceful afternoons of waiting for a fish to bite the line. The seafood industry is a vicious and brutal one, both for animals and humans. Farmed fish are subjected to terrible lives, wild fish are caught unfairly and mindlessly, and all face inhumane deaths. Even humans are enslaved to put cheap shrimp on your dinner table. Here are just a few reasons why you should think twice about eating fish, or go out and catch it yourself.

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