Kai Newkirk

Fasting for Democracy: Why I’ve Given Up Food to Fight Corruption

Fourteen days ago I had my last meal — if you can call it that. A cup of apple juice on a flight. Since then I’ve been living on water alone and I’m prepared to continue for days to come.

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My 500-Mile March to Protest Sheldon Adelson, The Koch Brothers and Big Money’s Influence in Politics

(Editor's note. Late Sunday, fifteen 99Rise pro-democracy protesters were arrested outside the California Statehouse. Last week, the Assembly approved SB1272 for its second reading. The bill would ask all California voters this fall to reject the U.S. Supreme Court's recent campaign finance rulings. It must be approved at a third reading before going to the Gov. Jerry Brown. This essay by 99Rise's co-founder was written as their protest march approached Sacramento.)

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