K.C. Boyd

God’s Foreign Policy: Christian Zionism

You are seeing the King of the South come together with lightning speed. . . Can you imagine what Israel faces with Iran, Egypt, Syria, Turkey and Russia coming after them? The prophet Ezekiel clearly predicted this battle thousands of years ago and you are watching the players get into position with lightning speed. 

Jesus said: “When you see these signs, lift up your head and rejoice.” --- John Hagee, Founder, Christians United for Israel (CUFI)

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At What Cost the Culture Wars?

It seems that Tony Perkins is everywhere these days. Head homophobe for the Family Research Council (FRC,) he’s doing the TV rounds, paddling as fast as he can in the face of the unthinkable Supreme Court decision. More likely, he’s using the very large platform given him by the media to trumpet the grave moral danger confronting good Christians. Luckily for him, (despite his past involvement with Klansman David Duke and the white supremacist Council of Christian Conservatives) Senior FRC Fellow Ken Blackwell is there at his side. When Tony, the gleamingly groomed man-boy tells FOX News that polygamy is certain to follow same sex marriage, spin the dial and you’ll find Ken on another channel warning that incestuous unions aren’t far behind. Regardless of which way the Supremes rule this time around Tony and Ken, being far from stupid, see the writing on the wall and, knowing that this particular battle is already lost makes a person wonder, what else is going on here?

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How the Religious Right Is Helping De-Educate America's Youth

One can trace the development of today’s right wing Christian think takes to the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s. Religiously conservative people, motivated by their perceived degradation of society, quietly perfected their skills, all the while grooming their own young adherents, played an effective long-game that continues to win (and corrupt) the hearts and minds of a significant segment of our youth. Indeed, there is no better way to affect the future than by propagandizing the young. In this current post election season, the Biblically driven, often racist, members of society are once again regrouping to fight another day.

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The End-Times Politics of Pastor John Hagee

While America wrestles with how to deal with the dangerous developments in Syria, while we try to make sense of the turmoil in Egypt and what it may portend, while we struggle with the heightened danger that recent events in Mali pose, Christian Zionist pastors such as John Hagee of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas use any and all of these conflicts to feed the ever-present fear and hatred of Muslims, their ultimate goal being to accelerate the end of the world as “foretold” in the Bible’s Book of Revelation.

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