Justin Gardner

How the DEA Triggered the Massacre of an Entire Mexican Town

The 2011 massacre carried out by the Zetas drug cartel in Allende, Mexico was a shocking reminder of the brutality of the black market, which thrives under governmental drug prohibition. The war on drugs does nothing to actually reduce drug supply or consumption, but it does keep the police state and cartels thriving, perhaps most notably the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

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1 Year Per Gram: Man Gets Insane 18-Year Prison Sentence for Weed, Judge Furious

Louisiana just proved how cruel the drug war can be, as the state’s Supreme Court upheld an 18-year prison sentence without possibility of parole – for possessing 18 grams of cannabis. In 2014, Gary Howard was convicted of “marijuana possession with intent to distribute” and a Caddo parish judge handed down the harsh sentence, labeling him as a “habitual offender” for a 2008 firearm possession conviction.

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DEA Just Admitted It Lets Drugs Into Communities & Pushes Them on Citizens

When Richard Nixon decided to bring the War on Drugs into full force, he signed Reorganization Plan No. 2, in 1973, which established the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). For decades, the DEA has carried out a war on people as it enforces the senseless, unjust prohibition of arbitrary substances.

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Cops Forced to Apologize, Give Back Pot After Raiding Man’s Home Over His Medicine

In the sad saga of the War on Drugs, police carry out countless raids on the homes of people who’ve committed victimless “crimes” of possessing substances deemed illegal by the State. So the rare times this injustice can be flung back in the face of authorities, it’s cause for celebration.

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Gang Of Thieves: DEA Stole $3.2 Billion In Cash From Innocent People In Only A Decade

A bombshell report from the Inspector General (IG) at the Department of Justice has exposed the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) for the colossal thieves they are. According to the report, DEA seized more than $4 billion in cash from people since 2007, but $3.2 billion of the seizures were never connected to any criminal charges. That figure does not even include the seizure of cars and electronics.

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New Study Shows Legal Weed Far Better Than Drug War at Stopping Opioid Overdose Epidemic

There’s one thing that appears to be saving more lives during the opioid epidemic than anything else – medical cannabis. While government touts meaningless attempts at addressing the problem – paying lip service to the people while protecting Big Pharma’s profits and filling jails – people are saving themselves by turning to an ancient plant.

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British Medical Journal: College Teens Who Smoke Pot Are Smarter Than Their Non-Smoking Peers

A curious new study published in the British Medical Journal finds that students who perform better in academia are more likely to use cannabis. They are also more likely to drink alcohol but less likely to smoke cigarettes.

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Houston Defies State Law, Refuses to Arrest People for Pot, State GOP Furious

On March 1, Harris County and the city of Houston will take an historic step toward freedom and common sense. District Attorney Kim Ogg is rolling out the Misdemeanor Marijuana Diversion Program, effectively decriminalizing low-level possession of cannabis.

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Trump’s Drug War to ‘Help Police’ Only Puts More Cops in Danger, Enriches Cartels

Just after swearing in Alabama drug warrior Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, President Trump signed three new executive orders to pursue a ‘law and order’ agenda. One order seeks to protect police from violence, setting up a prelude to mandatory minimum sentencing and expanded definitions of crime.

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WATCH: Former Cop With Parkinson's Tries Cannabis Treatment for First Time

Over the past couple of years, The Free Thought Project has reported on many amazing examples of medical cannabis helping people who suffer from debilitating conditions. Numerous videos exist of children’s seizures stopping almost instantly after a dose of cannabis oil.

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