Justin Carissimo

15 Hilarious Ted Cruz Easter Cards for Your Loved Ones

Like most Americans, I would never vote for Ted Cruz. But there's something amazing about his shameless approach to political speeches. If you can see past his disgustingly racist father and his connections with opponents of the civil rights movement, you'll realize that Cruz is just too damn entertaining. If there's a white woman in her 70's paying attention, Cruz is begging for her vote with every tweet, Facebook status and 9/11 speech.

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9 Pathetic Scott Walker Quotes as Motivational Posters

Love him or hate him, Scott Walker is a polarizing figure. The pro-life Governor of Wisconsin has the gift of inspiring or enraging just about anyone he's speaking to. From comparing terrorist groups to union protestors or attempting to stop colleges from reporting alleged sexual assault, Walker has already convinced millions that he will never take over the Oval Office.

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Meet the Inspiring Students Whose Idea of an Awesome Spring Break Is Activism in Ferguson

College students across America are ditching the traditional sunny spring break locations populated by red solo cups and Diplo-inspired Spotify playlists. This year, more than 155 students are volunteering with the Ferguson Alternative Spring Break initiative to participate in civic education and community service.

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24 Astounding Facts About the Private Prison Industry

The private prison market is as hot as ever. Who wouldn't want to get rich off the increasing number of incarcerated American citizens, staffers who sexually assault minors and the horrific living quarters that plague offenders and spark riots

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17 Insane Rudy Giuliani Quotes As Motivational Posters

Rudy Guiliani never seems to bite his tongue. The former mayor of New York City can't help but share inflammatory hate speech on black on black crime, the right to profile Muslims and as everyone has heard by now, the questions of Obama's patriotism and upbringing. 

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21 Rand Paul Quotes That Expose What a Con Job Libertarianism Is

Senator Rand Paul, of Kentucky, seems to have no problem contradicting himself. The self-proclaimed "constitutional conservative" is typically lost in libertarian thought leading him to make inflammatory sexist, racist and overbearingly hypocritical comments on nearly every issue he faces. Whether he's attempting to police women's bodies, ignoring police brutality for stingy tobacco taxes, or speaking out against vaccines and posting himself receiving booster shots only days later, Ron Paul's son is one politician you can unabashedly hate or enjoy laughing at.

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9 Ridiculous Jeb Bush Quotes Turned into Hilarious Motivational Posters

As you may have heard, Jeb Bush is currently eyeing a bid for the 2016 presidential election. The former Governor of Florida is presenting himself as a moderate and some are even calling him the front-runner for the Republican party. However, Bush’s past tells a far different story, displaying unabashed conservative ideals on immigration, medical marijuana and education reform. More importantly, Bush admit he'd put the hands to anyone speaking ill of his father George H. W.

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