Trump University $25 Million Settlement: One Down, 75 More Open Lawsuits to Go

(Editor's note: This column was published before Donald Trump agreed Friday to settle the Trump University lawsuits for $25 million.)

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Republican Lies About Social Security Debunked Again: So Why Does Mainstream Media Keep Repeating Them?

(This article first appeared on Verdict, the legal analysis and commentary page from Justia.com.)

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How Donald Trump Has Brought America's Darkest Political Obsessions and Beliefs Into The Open

Authoritarian leader personality-type and would-like-to-be-president, Donald Trump, after decades in the glare of media attention, instinctively understands exactly how to manipulate the fourth estate better than any political figure in modern America. By being himself, he is taking the country to school on how to dominate public attention with his inflammatory rhetoric, which he intuitively employs through unfiltered social media.

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Republican Frontrunners Know Nothing About Being President, Says Former White House Counsel John Dean

I write these thoughts as CNN ends the second GOP candidate debate at the Reagan Library. Setting aside my own beliefs and reactions to what was actually said, and without being influenced by so-called “pundits,” it is clear to me that the candidate who most benefited from this gathering was Carly Fiorina, who was articulate, no nonsense, and able to keep “the boys” in their place. The polls in the coming days will reveal if my reading is correct. But even more importantly, those polls will indicate if Donald Trump and Ben Carson remain the double digit leaders in this gaggle of GOP candidates.

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Trump Is the Authoritarian Ruler Republicans - and Some Dems - Have Been Waiting For

So far, 500 people have registered with the Federal Elections Commission to run for President of the United States. Needless to say, all but a few of these aspirants lack any chance whatsoever of becoming president. To the surprise of many, Donald Trump has fully registered with the FEC and surfaced as the early leader for the Republicans.

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