Judy Wicks

From 'My Way' to Our Way: The Women's March on Washington

What a fitting song Donald Trump chose for his first dance as president of the United States at Friday night’s Inaugural Ball—“My Way.” Poor Melania didn’t look as if she was having fun. I expect she might have liked to escape, don a pink pussy hat the next day and join the Women’s March on Washington, where she could be herself, free of heavy-handed fear mongering, lying and attempts to control, divide and conquer.

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Why I’m Going to Standing Rock for Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, I’m going to Standing Rock with a delegation of almost 50 people from across the U.S. to cook and serve dinner for 500 of the protectors as a small way to give back to Native Americans on our national day of thanks. Our dinner is called the Wopila Feast, the Lakota word for a broad statement of thanks.

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The Beauty - and Power - of Small Business

Like many entrepreneurs, I started my business for the freedom it gave me to do things my own way. I was more individualistic than cooperative with a lone ranger mentality.  But I wanted to do the right thing and be a sustainable business. At first my goal was to have the best possible practices—recycling, composting, solar hot water, renewable electricity, buying fair trade, paying a living wage—within my company. What could be better?

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I Love Hillary, But Here's Why I'm Supporting Bernie

Bernie has not given up on his dreams. He believes that young people should be given a college education to reach their full potential without the burden of excessive debt. He believes that peace is the way, and not won by violent means. He believes that all people should be treated with dignity, compassion and fairness, whether they are immigrants, the incarcerated, or Palestinians.

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Building a Local Peace Economy: We Have the Power

Editor's Note: The following is the first in a series of articles to be published by AlterNet that explore the need for rethinking how we organize our lives and economy into a more just, peaceful and sustainable way. Working in partnership with CodePink's campaign for a Local Peace Economy, we will publish inspiring essays, reports and first-person stories that get to the bottom of how every transaction we make in our daily lives ultimately contributes toward building a peace economy or a war economy, a world of compassion and well being, or a world of indifference and violence. Sign a pledge to join this campaign here -- and enjoy this powerful essay below by sustainable and ethical business pioneer, Judy Wicks:

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