Joshua Tartakovsky

Israel's Leaders Are Using a Kidnapping to Push a Sinister Agenda

The disappearance of three Israeli youth in the Occupied West Bank on June 12, 2014 has expectedly reignited nascent Israeli fears and traumas.

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Meet the Hate-Filled Israeli Organization Waging War On Jewish-Arab Romance

“Stop hiring Arabs,” “stop dating our women” and “employing Arabs equals Assimilation.” These were some of thechants expressed by right-wing protesters on April 10 who gathered outside a store on Jaffa Street in Jerusalem due to the fact that it had Arab employees. The protesters were associated with the ultra-nationalist organization Lehava, whose acronym in Hebrew stands for the Organization for the Prevention of Assimilation in the Holy Land. Lehava also means flame in Hebrew.

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Massacre in Odessa: The Inevitable Result of a Government Full of Ukranian Neo-Nazis

May 9 is the day in which Russia celebrates its victory over Nazism for which 27 million Russians paid the price. So this is an opportune time to ask some serious questions about US funding and support for the unelected ‘government’ in Kiev that contains members of the neo-Nazi parties Svoboda and Right Sector in key positions.

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God, Not Militarism: Ultra Orthodox Jews Say No to Guns and Ammo

British Prime Minister David Cameron got more than he expected at the Israeli Knesset when he visited the country, receiving a cold shoulder from ultra-Orthodox and Palestinian legislators who share common interests, being the state’s most oppressed communities. Cameron’s visit to the Knesset took place on the same day that two controversial laws, the Conscription Law and the Governability Law, were finally approved following a prolonged legislative battle. As Prime Minister Netanyahu welcomed the guest of honour, the ultra-Orthodox parliamentarians left the plenary session in protest while their colleagues, Palestinian Members of the Knesset, refused to attend the event altogether. This was the culmination point of several months of heated protest over the Conscription Law which brought to the surface contradictions between Zionism and Judaism.

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