Josh Fox

Here's How Your Unique Behavioral Psychological Profile Is Being Used to Manipulate You

Opening with one of the key questions of our time, How do we know what's true?, Josh Fox, the Emmy Award-winning and Oscar-nominated creator of the documentary that started the anti-fracking movement, Gasland, traces the arc of propaganda and misinformation from 9/11 to Trump from the perspective of the front lines in his debut book and new solo performance, "The Truth Has Changed" (Seven Stories Press, 2018). From 9/11 and the Iraq war, to fracking and the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill, to Hurricane Sandy, to relentless smear campaigns against climate scientists, to the fight for 100 percent renewable energy, to Standing Rock, to the 2016 presidential campaign, to Cambridge Analytica, "The Truth Has Changed" mines Josh’s personal experiences to examine their impact on democracy and on the collective psyche of the United States.

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The Antidote to Health Care Chaos Is a Single-Payer System - and That's Exactly Where the Debate Is Going

Not sleeping well since the election? Anxious about Trump? You're not alone. Sometimes you have to have a bedtime story to take your mind off all your troubles and all the things that are keeping you up at night, like Trump's policies and all the things currently screwing up the planet.

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Josh Fox: Trump May Have Approved the Dakota Access Pipeline, but the Fight Is Far From Over

On Tuesday, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced it was canceling an environmental review of the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline and will grant approval of an easement permitting the construction of the final link in the pipeline to be constructed. The decision, which is a major blow to the Standing Rock Sioux and activists who have been fighting the pipeline, comes after President Donald Trump's executive order from his first week in office meant to advance the project. The pipeline opponents have vowed to continue the fight. 

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Bernie and Hillary Have Very Different Positions When It Comes to Fracking

When Bernie Sanders addressed a huge crowd in Binghamton, New York last week and proposed a national fracking ban, it was the first time I’ve heard a national leader of his prominence get the science on fracking right.

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Hillary Will Never Admit Publicly That She Supports Fracking, but She's a Booster Behind Closed Doors

Hillary Clinton fielded a question about whether she supports fracking in Sunday’s Democratic presidential debate.

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Fracked Gas Won’t Achieve Paris Climate Goals, but Empowering Communities Could

The United States is undergoing a massive energy transition that isn’t receiving enough attention, and it could render the Paris climate agreement meaningless. We’re swapping one climate-damaging fuel, coal, for another that is actually worse: fracked gas.

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An Open Letter to President Obama from Gasland Director Josh Fox

Dear President Obama, Vice President Biden, Secretary Moniz, Heather Zichal and Valerie Jarrett,

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