Jon Bauman

Republicans were no match for angry and organized seniors

Hands off our Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid benefits—except to expand them! That’s the message millions of seniors around the country just sent to the Republican Party. The evidence is clear: A poll done just before the election showed Democrats leading among voters over 65 by thirteen points, and retirees donated more to Democratic candidates than to Republicans for the first time since the tracking began in 1990.

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Trumpcare Would be a Disaster for Tens of Millions of Americans, Especially Those Over Fifty

While cable news has been transfixed by James Comey and Jeff Sessions, Mitch McConnell has been busy. He is preparing to ram the disastrous health care repeal bill that House Republicans passed last month through the Senate and down the throats of the American people. McConnell isn’t holding hearings on the bill where Senate members get to debate openly and hear testimony from experts. Instead, Senate Republicans are writing the bill in secret. The public, the press, and their Democratic colleagues are all in the dark about the contents of a bill that would reshape one-sixth of the American economy. The only people they are bothering to get input from? The for-profit insurance industry.

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