John Kerr

All of Trump's In-Person TV Interviews in the Past Year Have been With Fawning Sycophants -- and We've Got the Video to Prove It

Ever since President Donald Trump’s disastrous interview with NBC’s Lester Holt on May 11 2017 -- in which he may have admitted to obstructing justice -- Trump has given in-person TV interviews to only friendly journalists who mostly avoid asking tough questions.

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Tucker Carlson's Women's History Month Was Precisely as Grotesque as You'd Expect

On his Fox News show, Tucker Carlson spent Women’s History Month parroting some of the grossest views of YouTube’s fringe right-wing anti-feminists in a series of segments about “Men in America,” mainstreaming their misogyny on prime-time cable news. Here’s some background on the men Carlson has been promoting:

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Climate Change Is Getting Worse, and So is the Media's Coverage of It

Broadcast networks are decreasing their climate coverage at a time when the case for reporting on the issue is become more and more compelling. By ignoring this serious matter, media are failing to inform audiences about pressing impacts on human migration patterns, women, and the economy.

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Extra! Extra!: 5 Times Muslim Guests Actually Got Their Points Across on Fox News

Fox News hosts have repeatedly denied that moderate Muslims denounce violent extremists following terror attacks, ignoring that on their very network, Muslim guests have condemned terrorism and defended their faith. Watch five Muslim guests make their case on Fox:

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