Joan Retsinas

Low Testosterone Is a Gold Mine for Snake Oil Salesmen

You want to get rich. Most of us do. Here is a surefire way. Create a malady – not a disease or an illness, more a condition. Try a deficiency of a vitamin, a hormone, a chemical. Something that sounds natural. Describe the symptoms – nothing life-shattering enough to propel people to emergency rooms, more of an ineffable malaise. Convince people that they may have it. Then invent the cure. Make it simple – like a gel, patch, or tablet. Flood the web with offerings. Then wait for the anecdotal raves. Or create some raves. Voila – a stake on a pharmaceutical goldmine.

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Overprotective Parents Gone Over the Edge -- Vaccine Hysteria on the Rise, and Old Diseases Are Making a Comeback

Disease Amnesia hovers. It afflicts, for the most part, upper-income, upper-educated parents, vigilant over their children’s safety. You can spot the parents buying fiddlehead ferns at Whole Foods, coaching soccer games, volunteering at PTA meetings.

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