Jeffrey Tayler

Exposing Marco Rubio's Bizarre Religious Faith -- and His Plan to Use It as a Guide in the White House

One of the most annoying things about religious folks is that they just cannot keep their “good news” to themselves.

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Meet the Fox News Atheist: The Man Bill O’Reilly Calls a Fascist and Sean Hannity Thinks Is Evil

Each day brings us new evidence of quasi-pathological faith-derangement among members of our ruling class, and not just those of the GOP: Despite the monumental, universe-explaining 2012 discovery of the Higgs Boson, Hillary hews to her belief in the supernatural, and President Obama, even after Islamist terrorists murdered 14 people in California, cannot bring himself to call the Islamic State Islamic. Where religion is concerned, darkness and confusion rule.

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They Really Want a Theocracy: The GOP Candidates Who Want to Make You Bow to Their Lord

If the number of those professing no loyalty to make-believe celestial despots (thankfully) continues to grow, faith derangement syndrome is advancing to its final stage among those suffering from it.

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Hatred Is Weaponizing Jesus: How Violent Evangelicals, Faith-Based Con Artists and Serial Abusers Use Religion for the Purpose of Evil

I’ve decided that, at least in the United States, the religiously devout really do have the interests of rationalist nonbelievers at heart, at least as far as providing us with (a sick, unseemly sort of) entertainment goes. They strive ceaselessly and tirelessly, without remiss, on holidays, weekends, and during the work week, to provide us with new episodes of the tragicomic—though mostly tragic—reality-show farce that is religion, and at their own expense. We might just as well call them the Falstaffs of Faith.

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"The Lord’s My Sex Guru": Pious Perverts and the Twisted World of Religious Sexual Repression

One might expect the faith-deranged audience of televangelist Pat Robertson to nod contentedly when he blames “awful-looking” women for their own sexual tribulations or counsels a man with a “rebellious” wife not to “let her get away with this stuff,” and, if need be, “become a Muslim … and beat her.”  One shrugs at religion-besotted males agreeing with Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee when he defends former Missouri “legitimate rape” congressman Todd Akin.  One feels no real surprise when yet another “man of the cloth” turns out to be a sex criminal.  After all, the faithful say and do reprehensible things.

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As Dangerous as Thomas and Scalia: Meet the Right-Wing Zealot Who’d Rather Follow the Bible than the Law

Happiness is boring a hole in your Hebrew slave’s ear with an awl, or so might well say Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice and Baptist zealot Roy Moore.

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Marco Rubio’s Deranged Religion, Ted Cruz’s Bizarre Faith: Our Would-Be Presidents Are God-Fearing Clowns

This story has been corrected since it was originally published.

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Our Coming Theocratic Hell: The Right’s 'Religious Freedom' Push Is Just the Beginning

By now, it’s clear that Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act was crafted to empower piously bigoted entrepreneurs and companies desirous of freelancing with their own “Jim Crow for gays” restrictions, and to let them cite as legal justification for doing so their precious religious sensibilities.  The RFRA, said the original text, sought to give judicial succor to those who found that their “exercise of religion . . . has been substantially burdened,” or was just “likely to be substantially burdened” by performing services for people their faith’s sacred credos enjoin them to abhor (gays, in this case).  The ensuing uproar in the media and business circles compelled Indiana’s state Senate to amend the legislation to prevent its deployment against the LBGT community, but state Democrats are still calling for its repeal.

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Why We Must Offend Religion More

“Yes, it is freedom of speech, but,” said Inna Shevchenko, the 24-year-old leader of the topless, fiercely atheist activist group Femen in France.  On Feb. 14 she was addressing the conference on art, blasphemy and freedom of expression held at the Krudttønden, a café and cultural center in Copenhagen.  She continued.  “Why do we still say ‘but’ when we…”

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A Threat to Us All: Millions Buying into Apocalyptic Religion Pose a Direct Threat to Modern Society

I would like to thank Reza Aslan.  In his recent Salon rebuttal to denunciations (including mine) of religion put forward by people the media has come to call New Atheists, he resurrects a word the late Christopher Hitchens, now three years departed, used to describe himself: antitheist.  (Aslan even provides the link to a relevant Hitchens text from long ago that is well worth reading.)  Antitheists hold that the portrayal of our world and humankind’s place in it as set out in the foundational texts of the three Abrahamic religions constitutes, to quote Hitchens, “a sinister fairy tale,” and that “life would be miserable if what the faithful affirmed was actually the case.”  The reason?  “[T]here may be people,” he wrote, “who wish to live their lives under a cradle-to-grave divine supervision; a permanent surveillance and [around the clock] monitoring [a celestial North Korea],” but he certainly did not.  The eternally repressive alternate reality concocted by the religious of eons past, if true, would be, in his words, “horrible” and “grotesque.”

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