Jeff Deasy

USDA Fires Organic Farming Specialist for Expressing Opinions

The free exchange of ideas is so essential to a healthy democracy, it was particularly disturbing to learn that Mark D. Keating was terminated as an Agricultural Marketing Specialist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Organic Program (NOP) for expressing personal opinions in communications with the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB).

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A Major Legal Victory in the Fight for Hormone-Free Milk

After two years of wrangling in the courts, a federal court has ruled that Ohio's ban on the labeling of dairy products as hormone-free is unconstitutional. The ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit is a major setback for corporations selling dairy products from cows treated with synthetic bovine hormones to an unwitting public.

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Will Drinking Water for Millions be Devastated by Natural Gas Drilling?

The ordinary tap water available to 12 million residents in the New York Metropolitan area has been reliably clean and flavorful since 1842, when an aqueduct was built to bring pristine water from upstate to the city. For years the prideful city's water is a consistent winner in blind taste tests. Easy to take for granted, it comes as a shock to learn it is now endangered by natural gas drilling.

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Worries Rise About the Safety of Seafood from the Gulf and Beyond

For generations families have earned their livings by harvesting the Gulf's abundance of oysters, shrimp and fresh fish. Their livelihoods are now devastated by BP's criminally reckless and predictably disastrous business practices. Only the hopelessly optimistic can believe those livelihoods will return any time soon.

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Genetic Modification of Crops Leads to Superweeds Threat

May arrived with reports of "superweeds" that have developed a resistance to the herbicide Roundup, which is used extensively in monocultural agriculture where single crops predominate on large farming operations.

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Fresh Gulf Seafood Gets Added to the Cost of Offshore Oil

Fresh oysters, shrimp and crab quickly come to mind when contemplating the pleasures of a stay in New Orleans, one of America's best and most unique cities for foodies. Now those pleasant memories face the prospect of becoming nostalgia for a bygone era.

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Support Family Farmers and Get Healthy with Raw Milk

Family-scale dairy farms feeding free-roaming cows on healthy grass face tough competition from concentrated animal feeding operations. The densely penned cows at CAFOs are sickened from being fed the abundance of corn grown with massive government subsidies, posing a very real threat to human health. Cow droppings make good fertilizer on small farms, but at CAFOs the immense amount of waste is a toxic threat to the health of the environment.

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Can Consumer Pressure Help Save Our Fisheries?

Recent news reports and social media sites have made many aware that after being fished in the Mediterranean for centuries the Atlantic bluefin tuna population is at serious risk of collapse but there are a number of other fish species once taken for granted that are also in trouble.

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