Jay Syrmopoulos

The NFL is Punishing a Player for Using Medical Marijuana to Treat His Crohn’s Disease

Buffalo Bills third-year offensive lineman Seantrel Henderson has just been hit with his second suspension of the season for violating the NFL’s substance-abuse policy. What makes this case different is the fact that Henderson’s substance abuse offense is for treating his Crohn’s disease with medical marijuana.

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Govt Spraying Banned Pesticide to Fight Non-Existent Zika Threat Just Killed Millions of Bees

Mosquito eradication efforts in South Carolina have gone horribly wrong, resulting in almost total devastation to the indigenous bee populations. The pesticide used to target the Aedes albopictus and Aedes aegypti species of mosquito, which can carry and transmit the Zika virus, killed off millions of bees.

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Chilling Video May Show NATO Member State Greeting and Providing Refuge to ISIS Militants

Editor's note: According to the Daily Mail, which reported this story on October 28, the video in question has not been independently verified.

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Vladimir Putin Reveals That ISIS Is Funded by 40 Countries -  Including G20 Members

Russian president Vladimir Putin has announced that he has shared intelligence with the other G20 member states, which reveals the 40 countries from which ISIS finances the majority of their terrorist activities. The list reportedly included a number of G20 countries.

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What Free Speech? Judge Bans the Words ‘Black Lives Matter’ from Clothing in Court

Worcester, MA – Four Black Lives Matter (BLM) protestors, charged with disturbing the peace, had their trial date postponed until January 2016. However, the real story that came out of the hearing was the fact that Central District Court Judge Robert Pellegrini ruled that the protesters are banned from wearing clothing with the words “Black Lives Matter” on them in his courtroom.

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NFL Player Could Face 7 Years in Prison for Barking at Police K-9 Before a Game

Pittsburgh, PA – Oakland Raiders linebacker Ray-Ray Armstrong is being investigated by the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office for allegedly taunting a police K-9 prior to the start of the Raiders game against the Steelers.

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Adidas Now Paying Schools Who Drop Racialized Native American Symbolism

Portland, OR – On Thursday, Adidas North America announced that it will financially compensate U.S. high schools that are willing to eliminate their use of Native American names and mascots.

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Move Over Big Pharma Amphetamines - Cannabis Successfully Treats ADHD in Clinical Trials

At an international symposium on cannabinoid therapeutics last month, researchers presented clinical data indicating that the use of herbal cannabis relieves symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in adults.

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Iceland Just Jailed Dozens of Corrupt Bankers for 74 Years, the Opposite of What America Does

Reykjavík, Iceland – In stark contrast to the record low number of prosecutions of CEOs and high-level financial executives in the U.S., Iceland has just sentenced 26 bankers to a combined 74 years in prison.

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