Jane Slaughter

The Chinese Working Class Is the Most Strike-Prone in the World: A New Book Details a Movement You Probably Haven't Heard Much About

The editors of China on Strike must be encouraged by July’s news from Walmart. Not only did workers in at least five Chinese stores strike against flexible scheduling, they did so with the aid of the Walmart Chinese Workers’ Association, a loose cross-workplace group established in 2014 by two former Walmart workers.

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Three Recent Wins Prove Old-Fashioned Union Power Isn’t Dead Yet

Three big wins for workers in the last nine months arrived where you might least expect them: in the old, blue-collar economy. That’s the economy where unions are down to 6.7 percent, where wins are rare and workers are supposed to be on their way out.

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The Subtle, Insidious Game of Undermining Social Security From Within

When the Alliance for Retired Americans rallied at an Orlando Social Security office November 8, workers came out, spoke to the crowd, and said they would put up “Don’t Cut My Social Security” signs in their cubicles.

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10,000 Protesters Converge on Michigan Capitol as Gov. Snyder's Assault on Workers' Rights Signed Into Law

Union protesters in front of the Michigan Capitol today knocked down an enormous tent erected by Americans for Prosperity, the Koch-brothers-funded group that helped bring right to work to the state. State troopers arriving on horseback were helpless, bringing to mind images of Humpty Dumpty and all the king’s men.

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Dueling California Measures Set to Tax Rich, Gut Unions

This piece was originally published at Labor Notes

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What We Learn from Two Strikes at Walmart Warehouses

This story was originally published at Labor Notes.

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Teamster Sympathy Strikes Defeat Lockout

A series of one-day sympathy strikes by Teamsters in five cities helped convince the giant waste-hauler Republic Services to back off a six-week lockout of its workers in Evansville, Indiana. The lockout was Republic’s attempt to convince the workers to gut their pensions. In May and June workers in California, Michigan, and Illinois honored picket lines set up by locked-out Indiana workers.

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Supply Chain Workers Test Strength of Links

  This piece was originally published by Labor Notes. Come to the Labor Notes conference May 4-6 in Chicago, the biggest gathering of grassroots labor activists and all-around troublemakers out there! More than 100 workshops and meetings to ‘put the movement back in the labor movement.’  

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American Workers Versus the Tea Parties

As tens of thousands of activists rally in Washington October 2, not all union members will be on the same page. No one knows how many unionists attended Glenn Beck’s “Restore Honor” gathering last month—they were surely a small minority—but the national political climate has opened some to the message of over-taxation, government-bashing, and fear of foreigners.

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Labor Against the War Shifting Sights to Afghanistan Occupation

U.S. Labor Against the War is preparing for its third national assembly in December as the original motivation for its founding --the Iraq war -- is winding down to a more limited but permanent presence. No worries that the nearly seven-year-old USLAW coalition has outlived its usefulness, though: delegates to the Chicago meeting will debate the Afghanistan war.

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