Jamiles Lartey

Why the Federal Cannabis Crackdown May Be a Blessing in Disguise for Legal Weed

Now that the dust has settled around attorney general Jeff Sessions’ promise of harsher federal marijuana enforcement, advocates of legalization have largely exchanged their initial disappointment over the move for one of long-term optimism.

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Trump's Judicial Picks: 'The Goal Is to End the Progressive State'

Donald Trump has sustained more than his fair share of political losses during the first 10 months of his presidency, mostly at the hands of the federal courts.

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New Study Shows Government Massively Miscounted Killings by Police - They're So Much Higher Than We Thought

Over half of all police killings in 2015 were wrongly classified as not having been the result of interactions with officers, a new Harvard study based on Guardian data has found.

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St. Louis Police Ripped for 'Alarming,' Unconstitutional Treatment of Demonstrators

Members of law enforcement and civil libertarians were strongly critical of the tactics and behavior of the St Louis police department amid protests over the acquittal of a white officer in the 2011 shooting death of a black man.

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Congressional Black Caucus Refuses to Meet With Donald Trump

The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) has declined a proposed meeting with Donald Trump citing its conviction that the Republican president’s policies “will devastate black communities”, and the administration’s unresponsiveness to the CBC to date.

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Where Did the Word 'Taser' Come From? A Century-Old Racist Science Fiction Novel

Most people, asked to identify the most universal shift in law enforcement over the past 15 years, would likely think of militarization, calls for community policing, or perhaps the slow decline of “broken windows”.

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Bolts from the Blue: Inside the Deaths Caused By Police Use of Tasers

Calvon Reid writhed in pain before he died. “I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe,” the 39-year-old screamed. Reid, an African American father of two, was held face-down by two police officers on a grassy lawn inside a predominantly white, gated retirement village in the south Florida suburb of Coconut Creek in the early hours of 22 February.

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