James Gustave Speth

America Is the Best Country in the World at Being Last

Like you and other Americans, I love my country, its wonderful people, its boundless energy, its creativity in so many fields, its natural beauty, its many gifts to the world, and the freedom it has given us to express ourselves. So we should all be angry, profoundly angry, when we consider what has happened to our country and what that neglect could mean for our children and grandchildren.

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5 Reasons Why Prioritizing Growth Is Bad Policy

Not much in our society is more faithfully followed than economic growth. Its movements are constantly monitored, measured to the decimal place, deplored or praised, diagnosed as weak or judged healthy and vigorous. Newspapers, magazines, and cable channels report regularly on it. It is examined at all levels -- global, national, and corporate. Indeed, one of the few things on which left, right, and center agree is that growth is good and more of it is needed.

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'America the Possible': How We Can Reclaim the American Dream and a Just Society

The following excerpt is from James Gustave Speth's new book, American the Possible: Manifesto for a New Economy (Yale University Press, 2012).

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10 Steps We Can Take Right Now to Build the New Economy

Are we ready for a new economy?

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How Global Warming and Capitalism Are Deeply Intertwined

Editor's note: This article is adapted from James Gustave Speth's The Bridge at the Edge of the World: Capitalism, the Environment, and Crossing From Crisis to Sustainability (Yale).

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