Ian Blair

Why Doesn't America Care About 2 Black Teenage Girls Who Were Killed?

In the wee hours of a balmy, eerily calm morning in North Jacksonville, Florida last Thursday, the lifeless bodies of two teenage girls, Angelia Mangum and Tjhisha Ball, were discovered alongside a somewhat remote stretch of road just East of Interstate 95 and West of U.S. 17, allegedly naked, bound with zip ties, lumped on top of each other, surrounded in a pool of blood. Two witnesses driving past on Sisson Drive, near the intersection of Main Street North and Clark Road, said they initially thought they saw a corpse; so they flipped a U-turn to see if they could determine whether it was a human body or simply a dead animal, roadkill. On second glance, it appeared to be the former.

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Black America’s Everyday Reality: Ferguson and the World that Terrorizes Us

I told a co-worker I wanted to hide from the Internet last night because the weight of Michael Brown’s killing had become unbearable. “I’m logging off the Internet for a few days. I can’t anymore,” I told her (in an online chat conversation, ironically enough). She consoled me: “I’m sending you the biggest digital hug,” she said. For that I am grateful.

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