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'I Quit!' Teachers Are Fed Up - And They're Telling the World Why

When Oklahoma Teacher of the Year Shawn Sheehan decided to leave his job as high school math teacher for a better paying position in Texas, he didn't go quietly. Sheehan left "kicking and screaming," warning Oklahomans that the state's notoriously underfunded schools are teetering on the brink, even as schemes to privatize education in the state gain momentum.

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My Teacher Is an Algorithm: Silicon Valley Billionaires Want to Replace Teachers with Technology

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is in. So is Reed Hastings from Netflix. In fact, it’s hard to find a Silicon Valley billionaire who doesn’t want to disrupt public education by replacing teachers with algorithms.

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How Are You or I Responsible for the Appointment of DeVos as Secretary of Education?

The 18th century political and moral philosopher Joseph de Maistre said every country gets the leader it deserves. 

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For Big Money Donors, School Boards Are the New ‘Must Buy’ Accessory

The recent school board election in Los Angeles drew close to $17 million in donations, much of it in the form of untraceable “dark money” from a familiar cast of enormously wealthy donors.

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Biggest Massachusetts Charter Stops Disciplining Black Students for Hair Braids, But Tells Parents They Wanted to Avoid Costly Court Fight

A Massachusetts charter school that was disciplining Black students for the way they braid their hair, and using equity-ish ling as justification has officially backed down.

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Screw You: Betsy DeVos’ Top Adviser Led a For-Profit University That Defrauded Students and Hoovered Up Federal Student Aid

Editor’s note: Jennifer Berkshire has been covering education issue for more than a decade and writes the HaveYouHeard blog. Christopher Crowley is an assistant professor of teacher education at Wayne State. Follow him on Twitter at @c_b_crowley.

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Want to See How School Choice Leads to Segregation? Visit Betsy DeVos’ Hometown

To see for yourself how school choice leads to segregation, I recommend a visit to Betsy DeVos’ hometown of Holland, Michigan.

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The DeVos Brand of Public School Reform: Unregulated, Profitable, Voucher-Oriented, Meets Resistance in Ohio

Since Betsy DeVos was tapped to be Secretary of Education, I’ve managed to pen close to 20,000 words about her. And now here she was, standing so close to me that I could make out the flat a’s of western Michigan in her voice.

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New Research Shows Greediest Charter School Operators Looting Taxpayers Via Real Estate Deals

(Editor's note: A new report by some of the nation's foremost experts on self-enrichment schemes by charter school operators has compared the worst offenders to Enron, the Texas-based energy company with close ties to then-President George W. Bush that imploded a dozen years ago. Jennifer Berkshire, who writes the HaveYouHeard education blog, interviewed one of the report's authors, the University of Connecticut's Preston Green, about these real estate deals and other taxpayer rip-offs.)

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'These Tests Will Go:' Tracking the Opt-Out Movement in Urban Philadelphia

The movement to "opt out" of standardized tests has often been characterized as a white, suburban cause. But when Jennifer Berkshire and Aaron French, creators of the new podcast series "Have You Heard," took their microphones to Philadelphia to talk to African American parents, they heard a very different story.


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