Habiba Alcindor

Six Hours With the Poverty Tour

Poverty affects one in six Americans, yet remains an unpopular aspect of reality, occupying a darker corner of the collective American psyche than, say, breast cancer or drunk driving. It’s the half of the Great March on Washington that gets short shrift. Everyone remembers the dramatic battle waged by largely African American activists for the recognition of their humanity, but only the more historically inclined can readily cite the march’s alternative name -- the March for Jobs and Freedom -- or attest to the heavy involvement of labor unions in organizing the demonstration.

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A New Traffic Safety Campaign Aims to Curb Drunk Driving in the Big Apple

New York City is notorious for its brutal traffic and rude drivers. Despite this reputation, New York is becoming increasingly safer for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. Bike lanes, pedestrian zones and user-friendly crossing signals represent some of the changes that are creating a more civilized urban environment. The year 2009 saw only 256 traffic deaths-- the lowest occurrence in city history.  

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