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By Allowing Churches to Use Public School Facilities, NYC Creates Its Own 'Religious Liberty' Problem

Many of the more than 60 evangelical churches that were once holding regular worship services in New York City’s public schools share views that make them unacceptable to a lot of New Yorkers. A number of them are part of religious networks closely affiliated with anti-gay ministries. The Village Church, for instance, which was planted inside PS 3 in the West Village, had an ongoing ministry called GAME, or “Gender Affirming Ministry Endeavor,” which was a member of the “ex-gay” organization Exodus International. Some of the churches subscribe to a hierarchical view of gender arrangements referred to as “Male Headship.” The pastor of the church that was planted in my children’s old public elementary school, PS 6 on the East Side, instructed the congregation to pray that all aspects of government and society would be taken over by fundamentalist Christians.

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