Gary Kramer

Worst of 2016: 10 Movies That Failed Spectacularly to Deliver on Their Promise

The worst films of 2016 go beyond just disappointing, but extend to films that truly waste talent and ideas. Not to dance on Garry Marshall’s grave, but having endured his “Valentine’s Day” and “New Year’s Eve,” one didn’t need to see his holiday film “Mother’s Day” to know it would be as bad. It was clear just from seeing Julia Roberts’ wig.

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Our Basket of Deplorables: The 10 Film Villains We Loved to Hate in 2016

2016 may have seen the release of “The Purge: Election Year,” but as one wag on Twitter put it, the poster child for 2016 is Ramsay Bolton (Iwan Rheon) from “Game of Thrones.” Yes, films this year had their fair share of alt-right villains, perhaps anticipating the direction America is moving. Here are 10 films featuring the nastiest bad guys to appear on screen in this, the year of Trump.

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Best Films: The 10, OK 12, Greatest Films of 2016

Ten Best Films of the Year lists are always a challenge. How can you compare something epic or artful against something entertaining? And are those two qualities mutually exclusive? To say one film is better than another is to evaluate them on the same criteria, or that they were made with the same resources, intent, or audience. So forget that and let’s go not with what’s best but with what’s memorable. And why 10? How about 12?

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