Gaby Hinslif

The Apple Standoff Should Make Us Rethink Our Surrender to the Phone (VIDEO)

It certainly wasn’t how you imagine a bank robbery to be. There were no men with sawn-off shotguns or screaming cashiers lunging for panic buttons. It all happened so peacefully and invisibly that I would never have noticed had I not been logging into my bank account online last month, only to find that nothing worked. Shortly afterwards, HSBC confirmed it had been forced to defend its systems from a criminal attack.

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How Living Offline Has Turned into a Kind of Status Symbol

t was a death as intensely private as the mourning was public.David Bowie was cremated this week in New York without fuss or fanfare, following an illness he managed to conceal from the world. Not for him the gawping graveside circus, the paparazzi stalking famous mourners. He turned his back on all of that years ago, by choosing to make so little of his recent life – apart from his music – available for public consumption.

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Jamie Oliver Is Right: It’s Madness Not to Clamp Down on Sugar

No matter what you think of Saint Jamie of Oliver, his timing is impeccable. Barely had the Frosties been cleared from the nation’s breakfast tables yesterday morning when, via Instagram, he launched his latest moral crusade .

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