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Puerto Rico Children's Hospital Is Running Out of Food, and the Trump Administration Is Nowhere in Sight

This is one of the most desperate sets of tweets I have ever seen by a hospital physician. Puerto Rico’s San Jorge children’s hospital in downtown San Juan ran out of fuel for its generators. With no electricity and back power about to run out because fuel was running out, a lead doctor at San Jorge Hospital desperately Tweeted for help then got back to the task of saving the most vulnerable babies and children. At the very same time, back in Washington DC, Senate Republicans were meeting to push Trumpcare legislation to slash the funds for health care for women and children. Trump was Tweeting them on because it would free up money for tax cuts for billionaires, including himself, who finance and control the Republican party. The Navy hospital ship Comfort, tasked with providing disaster assistance to the Caribbean, remains unstaffed and docked in port at Norfolk, Virginia while San Jorge doctors and staff are desperately trying to save children’s lives in San Juan.

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Pennsylvania Makes Public 243 Cases of Fracking Contaminated Water

The state of Pennsylvania has released redacted details of 243 cases of water contamination caused by fracking and related activities by the natural gas industry. Claims made by the fracking industry that they have not contaminated water are utter rubbish. These 243 cases which took place in Pennsylvania between 2008 and 2014 involve a wide range of contamination problems including the contamination of multiple water supply wells by one fracking operation.  State officials did not indicate how many more cases of contamination may have occurred since 2008 that are not included in this list.

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Now That Solar Capacity Is Soaring - Koch Brothers Demand Tax on the Sun

U.S. Solar electric capacity has expanded explosively - 418% - from 2326 megawatts in 2010 to 12,057 MW in February 2014, an increase of 9,731 MW reports the U.S. Energy Information Agency. Solar has moved rapidly from a niche market to 1.13% of total U.S. capacity.  To stop the rapid growth of solar, which is threatening to break Americans from the death grip of fossil fuels, the Koch Brothers are demanding to tax the sun.
U.S. Solar electric generation capacity growth from 2010 to 2014.
U.S installed solar capacity shot up over 400% in the last 4 years.
The rapid decline in the cost of solar panels and state and federal incentives have spurred investment in solar power at all scales from individuals to small businesses to large utilities. Net metering, which allows users to reverse their power meter when they produce more power than they consume, has incentivized rooftop solar. Moreover, states from Hawaii to South Carolina have developed programs to make the installation costs affordable to average consumers. Forbes reported in July 2013 on how Gov. Neil Abercrombie and Hawaii's Democrats made solar accessible to renters. This is exactly the kind of legislation I advocated a decade earlier when I ran for a position on the board of Kauai's electric power co-op. It's great to see seeds planted finally coming up and bearing fruit.
Senate Bill 1087, which Gov. Abercrombie signed on June 27, makes solar photovoltaic systems, as well as solar thermal water heaters and big-ticket energy efficiency upgrades, available to all these underserved customers by eliminating the thorny issue of the upfront costs.

On-bill financing enables residential or commercial property owners or renters to avoid the initial out-of-pocket expense to install energy improvements. Upgrades are instead financed with loans paid back via a line item on the customer’s monthly utility bill. If the property is sold or transferred, the loan stays with the meter and would be taken over by the new property owner or tenant.

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