Amidst Media Backlash, Key Part of Seymour Hersh’s Report on bin Laden Killing Corroborated

A media backlash against investigative journalist Seymour Hersh for his report on the raid that killed Osama bin Laden has fueled a perception that it has been wholly discredited. Yet, a key part of Hersh’s report has been corroborated by the New York Times’ Carlotta Gall, a Pakistan newspaper, and partly by NBC News.

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Another CNN Fail: The Myth of the "Professional Protestor"

CNN aired a segment broadly characterizing people demonstrating in Baltimore against police violence as “professional protesters,” a term often used by police and right wing media outlets like Fox News and Breitbart. It essentially is another way of labeling and marginalizing demonstrators as outside agitators, people there to take advantage of a situation by creating “unrest.”

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The Latest Republican Bigotry Roundup

Note to Republicans: Being the anti-minority party is the surest route to becoming the permanent minority party.  Your hatred, contempt, and fear of anyone who is not a straight white Christian man makes you very unappealing to anyone who isn't.  Or who likes and respects anyone who isn't.  Or who has a shred of human decency and compassion.  Locking up the bigot vote won't do you much good if you lose everyone else.

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Obama Administration Considers Hiding Details of CIA Torture

Just to lay out a few details based on this article explaining that Obama continues to waver on what parts of the 2005 Bradbury torture memos to reveal. (h/t Steve)

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Corporate Lobbyists Raising Money for Tea Parties


Teabaggers are having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that true "grassroots" demonstrations aren't orchestrated by corporate lobbyists. Understandable -- if you didn't have any experience organizing a demonstration that didn't have millions in free PR from Fox News and well-funded GOP fat cats providing a national infrastructure, you wouldn't know the difference.

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Judge in Stevens Case Starts Criminal Contempt Proceedings Against DOJ Officials

UPDATE: Judge Sullivan announced today that he will commence criminal proceedings against DOJ attorneys on the Stevens' case:

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Sarah Palin Continues to Champion Personal Responsibility by Blaming Other People for Her Failures

Last Friday at the Alaska GOP's Lincoln Day Dinner, The 'Cuda explained why McPalin and the GOP got their asses handed to them last November.

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Bernie Madoff Goes to Jail

As expected, Bernie Madoff, the widely hailed Grand Poobah of Ponzi, plead guilty today to all 11 counts of fraud, perjury, money laundering, and theft. That should net him around 150 years in the pokey. The question this morning was would the 70-year-old go straight to jail, or would he remain free, or under continued house arrest, pending sentencing.

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