Faith Gardner

How conservatives won Facebook — and why we should be worried

n 2011, as the then-administrative assistant here at Daily Kos, I inherited the job of managing the site’s Facebook page. I had personally just joined the social network and wasn’t sure how news fit into it, but I gave my new duties a go.

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Yes, Trump Is a Narcissist - But It's Literally A Million Times Worse Than That

Yes, the hallmarks of narcissism are painfully obvious in the president of the United States. The endless projection. The delusion of grandeur masking a paper-thin skin that punctures under the most benign criticisms. The nonstop gaslighting. But you know who else every single one of these attributes describes?

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Utah High School Excludes Special Needs Students From Appearing in Yearbook

This year, Leslee Bailey was stunned when she saw that her daughter Amber wasn't included in the Blue Peak High School yearbook as she had been in past years. Amber has Down syndrome and takes classes in the Utah high school building.

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Nestlé Has Been Pumping Water From a National Forest With an Expired Permit For Over 25 Years

The lack of regulation here is stunning. The U.S. Forest Service in Southern California just caught wind of the fact Nestlé's permit to pump water out of a national forest expired over 25 years ago.

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