Emily C. Bell

Walmart Pathetically Tries to Co-Opt the #MeToo Movement

Don’t expect to see Cosmopolitan the next time you’re waiting in line to check out at Walmart. After an aggressive campaign by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, an organization largely focused on fighting pornography, Cosmopolitan will be relegated only to the magazine aisle of the stores.

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The Right Has Launched a Vile New Smear Campaign Against Parkland Survivor Emma Gonzalez

Stoneman Douglas high school student Emma Gonzalez's words, “We call BS," have already become iconic, adorning thousands of placards at this weekend's March for Our Lives rally across the country. Now the right is attempting to weaponize the Parkland survivor's newfound fame in the form of a photoshopped image of her tearing up a copy of the U.S. Constitution.

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Across the Country, Student Organizers Prepare For March For Our Lives

Thousands are expected to gather in Washington, D.C. on March 24 for the March For Our Lives, speaking out for gun control and student safety in light of mass shootings like the Parkland, Florida shooting that killed 17.

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3 Ways McDonald's Can Show Respect for Women Instead of Flipping Its Logo

As the world marks International Women’s Day with strikes, obituaries honoring oft-overlooked influential women, and pushes for change on issues including equal pay, McDonald’s is celebrating in its own way—by flipping its classic arches upside-down to resemble the letter "W."

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The Man Whose Case Is Changing the California Bail System Is Still Behind Bars

As California re-examines its cash bail system, the man whose case is shifting state policy is still incarcerated.

Richard Humphrey, 64, has been in custody since last May because he is unable to post bail. His bail is set at $350,000; lowered from the initial amount of $600,000.

Humphrey allegedly threatened another resident in his senior facility building, along with stealing $5 and cologne from him. He was subsequently arrested. Humphrey has previous felony convictions and is now facing four charges as he waits in a cell.

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5 Unforgettable Moments from CNN's Town Hall on Gun Control

A CNN town hall Wednesday night offered a national platform for grief, anger and the growing call for gun reform following the Feb. 14 school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Since the mass shooting, which left 17 dead, students have organized and participated in school walkouts, pushed for gun reform and created the March For Our Lives. During the town hall, students, teachers and parents questioned their elected representatives (including Sen. Marco Rubio, who was given an A+ rating from the NRA in 2016), the local sheriff and an NRA spokesperson about gun control, school safety and the influence of the gun lobby.

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South Carolina's Horrendous New Anti-Abortion Rights Bill Could Put Women's Rights in Peril

The battle over abortion rights in South Carolina continued this week, with legislation moving through the Senate Judiciary Committee that intends to end legal abortion in the state. As the “Personhood Act of South Carolina” now goes to South Carolina’s Senate, the restrictions proposed are expected to lead to a larger debate.  

The Personhood Act seeks to end all abortions, including those that would terminate pregnancies that result from rape or incest. As The State reported, the bill would “extend legal rights to fertilized eggs at the moment of conception.” 

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Bernie Sanders Sends a Special Message to Millionaires on Valentine's Day

Bernie Sanders has a special Valentine’s Day message for the 1 percent. On Wednesday, Sanders tweeted “Happy Valentine's day to all the millionaires who will not have to pay into Social Security for the rest of the year. Let's lift the cap and end this absurdity.” Accompanying the tweet was a video educating the public about “Millionaires Valentine’s Day,” which this year falls on February 16.

Because of an arbitrary cap, Americans earning million-dollar salaries or higher only have to pay Social Security taxes up to $128,000, which they’re able to pay off just a few weeks into each new year—47 days after January 1 to be precise, otherwise known as Millionaires Valentine’s Day.

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Wounded Betsy DeVos Plays the Victim as Critics Denounce Her Failure to Protect Students' Rights

Education secretary and school choice proponent Betsy DeVos continues to incite anger among those on the left with her ignorant and misguided public statements about education policy and philosophy. During a January 7 meeting with reporters to talk about her first year as secretary, DeVos expressed confusion with the criticism she’s received for her treatment of students’ civil rights, saying that “nothing could be further from the truth.”

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U.S. Prison Conditions Are So Bad, the British Gov't Refuses to Extradite This Indicted Person There

The extradition case of Lauri Love, the alleged hacker currently in the United Kingdom, is placing a spotlight on the detrimental prison conditions in the United States. On February 5, a British High Court decided in favor of Love in his appeal to remain in the UK, due to concerns over the physical and mental treatment of those incarcerated in American prisons. 

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