Elly Bulkin

No Surprise That Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer Will Accept Award From Vile U.S. Anti-Muslim Hate Group

It should be no surprise that Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer will be accepting the Freedom Flame Award in New York City on December 13 from the Center for Security Policy (CSP), a pillar of the anti-Muslim movement. Those who have followed the close relationship and overlap between Israeli policies and Islamophobia find Dermer’s link to such a group and its founder, Frank Gaffney, despicable, but totally unsurprising—certainly not something he or Israeli officials wouldn’t welcome wholeheartedly. If this relationship hadn’t been clear enough, Israeli officials have been celebrating the election of Donald Trump, whose loathsome Islamophobia was just one of the hallmarks of his hate-filled campaign. (His initial major appointments have all expressed and supported virulent anti-Muslim positions.)

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