Eileen G'Sell

The New 'Inconvenient Truth': Leonardo DiCaprio's New Documentary Wants to Challenge Climate Change Skeptics

Toward the end of what NASA has determined the hottest year on record, a new climate change movie, “Before the Flood,” hits screens across the country, starring none other than Leonardo DiCaprio, who was named United Nations Messenger of Peace on climate change just a year before he went on to star in one of the most violent (and beautiful) films of 2015.

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Rise of the Sane and Angry Woman: 'Girl on the Train' Is the 2016 Rejoinder to 'Fatal Attraction'

Amid the white tiles of Grand Central’s cavernous ladies room unfolds one of the most captivating, if indulgent, meltdowns in recent cinema history. “I didn’t have words to describe what I felt that day,” explains Rachel Watson (Emily Blunt) to her gal pal following a series of dirty martinis. “But seeing that woman kissing a man who was not her husband, I realize now it was pure rage.” After supplying a graphic fantasy of “bashing that woman’s head in,” she proceeds to smear lipstick across the mirror with her hands, a sordid crimson blur that approaches amateur action painting.

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Generational Warfare Bites the Dust - Hollywood Abandons the Boomers vs. Millenials Plot Line

“Time passes. That’s for sure,” reads the pithy Eileen Myles epigram that launches “Grandma,” Paul Weitz’s latest feature. Based on typical Hollywood fare, it could be hard to tell; unless one happens to be Meryl Streep or Richard Gere, life ends after 60, and if you happen to lack a Y chromosome it would seem to stop at least a decade earlier.

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Why So Many Celebrity White Women Are Cashing in On the 'Hot Mess' Label

Anna Kendrick—Oscar-nominated actor, singer-songwriter, Broadway star—picture of success. In fact, across her tiny waist reads “Success: You’ve got this” on the June 2015 issue of Glamour. Yet, beside her assured, almost confrontational gaze, a sideline appears in cerulean sans-serif: “self-described “hot mess”…and proud of it.”

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