Eddie Conway

Sleep Deprivation Leaves No Physical Scars, But It's Torture - How California Prisons Are Dehumanizing Inmates

Sleep. It's a basic human function. And experts say it's the key to good health. But sleep is in short supply for prisoners in secure housing units in the supermax Pelican Bay prison in Crescent City, California. That's because authorities have been conducting loud and disruptive cell checks 24 hours a day. We heard from family members of 13 inmates who told us since August prisoners have been denied adequate sleep due to 48 guard cell checks per day. As a result, these prisoners are getting much less sleep, persistently interrupted sleep, and significantly lower quality of sleep than before these checks started. It's a practice that is raising concerns from both families of inmates and advocates who say this is just another example of how our country's massive prison-industrial complex dehumanizes inmates. On this episode of Rattling the Bars, we speak with people who are fighting to stop this irrational prison policy. Carol Strickman is a lawyer with legal services with prisoners with children. She has been directly involved in trying to eliminate the policy.

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Rattling the Bars: The Purgatory of Prison, Life With(out) the Possibility of Parole

Editor's Note: In this Episode of Rattling the Bars, TRNN Executive Producer Eddie Conway examines the history and politics behind Maryland's parole system. This episode features former prisoners who have spent decades in Maryland's prison system, scholar activists from The Sentencing Project, and local politicians who are directly involved in reforming criminal justice policy.

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