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The Outrageous Ways the DEA Enriches Snitches at Taxpayers' Expense

According to a report by Justice Department’s inspector general, the DEA used its resources to pay confidential informants without suitable supervision and used sources in ways that are against the Constitution. The DOJ (Department of Justice) released its 65-page report last week questioning the use of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s funds paid to informants and recommending the agency to tighten its policies and procedures.

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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Dark Web Drug Markets

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Brave New World: The Dark Web and the Age of Psychedelic Access

Whether you are a budding Alan Watts apprentice in the art of Zen Buddhism dissecting what it means to be alive or a Timothy Leary student sent into the future from a not so distant past set to question authority, find your inner potential and say a big fuck you to the government while meditating and tripping balls at the same time, the dark web has you covered when it comes to psychedelic drugs.

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LSD Saved My Marriage

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