David Waldman

The Tragic Rundown on 48 Gun Disasters from Just One Week in America

Freedom-loving Chicagoans are surely excited to finally be able to carry concealed firearms, especially folks with a particularly pressing need to protect themselves. Like the cell phone store owner who, defending himself from an armed robber, sprang into action to put a bullet in the chest of an innocent 27-year-old man at the bus stop across the street, and another through the wall of the apartment of a nearby family of five (and into their TV set). Take that, knave! Whoever you are, that is. Because he left the scene, unharmed. But he didn’t get away with the money! Which is a good thing, because maybe the store owner should pick up the hospital tab for the poor fellow across the street, or the repair bills for his neighbor’s walls, not to mention the TV. Still, freedom! Where else but in America could 16 hours of training buy you such deadly accuracy? Assuming you think public transportation and private consumer electronics are tyrannical, that is.

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Why Are We Being Forced to Buy Crappy Health Insurance?

 Maybe I'm just not sufficiently wonky on the health care subject, and after all, this isn't likely to happen to me right away, because I have insurance through my wife that I'm pretty sure we're keeping as long as we can. But I don't get how you can possibly hand me a health care bill with an individual mandate and no public option. If I'm uninsured or poorly insured, and the answer coming out of Congress is that I now have to buy crappy insurance from some private company that has no plan to actually help me pay for my health care without raking me over the coals, then I've gone into this fight an ardent supporter of strong reform, and come out a teabagger.

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House Health Care Bill Races to Markup

The House "tri-committee" health care bill, introduced earlier today, is already set for markup in the committees beginning on Thursday.

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Does Twitter Spell the Doom of the Drudge Report?

Several very recent and very different news events -- the Iranian elections, the Mark Sanford story, and the death of Michael Jackson -- now raise a similar question: is the Drudge Report still the go-to online source for breaking news?

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House Passes American Clean Energy and Security Act

In a squeaker, the House passed the American Clean Energy and Security Act, by a vote of 219-212, with one super-courageous Dem voting no at the very last possible minute, just for fun!

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