David Kirby

Tens of Thousands of Californians Exposed to Arsenic in Drinking Water

More than 55,000 Californians are exposed to drinking water that exceeds federal safety standards for arsenic, a known carcinogen, but the state is failing to adequately warn them of the risks, according to a report released Monday by an environmental watchdog group.

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Gypsy Moths Are Destroying Forests as the Climate Dries

Much of New England has been slammed by a gypsy moth infestation that has denuded trees of leaves on some 150,000 acres in Massachusetts alone, forestry managers say.

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An Unlikely Alliance Forms to Save Whales From Deadly Entanglements

An unusual coalition of lobster fishers, marine scientists, and rope manufacturers is banding together to save the whales—and catch more lobsters.

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Your Car’s Exhaust Could Be Hurting Children’s Mental Health

Long-term exposure to air pollution, and particularly car exhaust, may contribute to childhood mental health problems, according to a new study of prescriptions given to more than half a million Swedish children.

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The Only Wild Jaguar in America Could Lose His Home to a Copper Mine

Can a mile-wide, 3,000-foot-deep open pit copper mine blasted into the Arizona desert coexist with the sole jaguar to roam the United States?

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In Stunning Move, SeaWorld Announces End to Captive Breeding of Orcas, Will Stop Making Them Do Tricks

In a stunning move, SeaWorld has agreed to stop breeding captive killer whales, meaning its 28 orcas will be the last generation of the whales owned by the company. SeaWorld also said it would end orca shows at all its entertainment parks by 2019. 

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The SeaWorld Orca Made Famous by 'Blackfish' Is Near Death

The great and fearsome Tilikum, the world’s most famous killer whale, is near the end of his tragedy-filled life.

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How David Bowie Helped Save Dolphins

David Bowie is being remembered as a musical genius, a gifted artist, and a fashion icon. But to whale and dolphin activists, he was nothing short of a hero.

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