David Coman-Hidy

What's Really in McDonald's Happy Meals? Here's the Awful Truth

“We have a responsibility to care for the millions of animals in our supply chain… We understand and acknowledge the significant responsibility we have to help ensure these animals experience good welfare throughout their lives.”

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The National Chicken Council Is Trying to Con Shoppers

Lying big is a tried-and-true practice of big business. Reports from August on a disturbing Harvard study found that ExxonMobil has a long-standing pattern of using “explicit factual misrepresentations” when talking about climate change, misleading the public about the dire consequences of its business. For over 50 years, cigarette companies infamously claimed that their products were non-addictive and healthy as cigarettes ended countless lives.

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Millennials Are Speaking Out Against Hardee's and Carl's Jr. for Supporting Torture of Chickens (Video)

Until a few months ago, chickens who are raised and killed for meat had no meaningful protections, no consideration for their wellbeing, and no hope. All of that changed thanks to a new initiative to reduce the suffering of billions of farm animals.

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