Danielle Campoamor

Dear Street Harasser: Here Are 6 Reasons I Refuse to Smile

I’m walking to my favorite local restaurant to meet a friend for lunch, music playing from only one of the earbuds firmly secured in my ears. I’ve kept the busted pair and now favor it over new ones, as they allow me to hear cars and sirens and other pedestrians.

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Pro-Life Fanatics Want You to Think Abortion Clinics Are Terrifying - Here’s What One Really Looks Like

When I hung up the phone after scheduling my abortion, I felt relieved. I knew I had set in motion the necessary steps that would allow me to make the right decision for myself, my future, my body and my (at the time) partner. I knew I was going to have access to an abortion in a relatively safe environment, administered by trained medical healthcare professionals and in a clean, sterile room. My hand was still holding my phone when I let out a large sigh, confident in my decision and thankful for my ability to make it.

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