Dan Hancox

World Cup Fever Really Has Hit America - Sorry, Ann Coulter

With Team USA suddenly in the round of 16, and World Cup fever allegedly sweeping the nation that football forgot, the American right has sprung into action. Determined to preserve American exceptionalism against a rising tide of baguette-munching ball-juggling pinko Europhile hippy surrender-communism, Ann Coulter has come to the rescue: "Any growing interest in soccer," she wrote to widespread amusement, "can only be a sign of the nation's moral decay."

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This Communist Utopia Successfully Eliminated Capitalism And Shifted their Society's Values

The folllowing is an excerpt from The Village Against the World by Dan Hancox first published in Business Insider. Copyright © 2013. Reprinted with permission of Verso Books.

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The Real Reason Why Police Cage Peaceful Protestors

Editor's note: On Saturday, the Occupy Wall St. movement marched on the Brooklyn bridge in New York. Police officers cut the demonstrators off from the exits, entrapping them on the bridge, in the rain, before carting off as many as 700 to jail. In the story below, British journalist Dan Hancox writes about how corralling peaceful protestors, or "kettling," was used by Britain's conservative government to steamroll resistance to their drastic austerity agenda. As the Occupy Wall St. movement spreads to cities all over America, we may see much more of this type of policing of public space to quell protests. 

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