Daisy Buchanan

I’m Tired of Being Kind to Creepy Men in Order to Stay Safe

My Mum once told me her biggest regret was that she’d brought her daughters up to be so polite. It happened after one of my little sisters came home in tears. A “friendly” man at the train station had started making comments about her legs and asking if she had a boyfriend. “I really wanted to ignore him, but I didn’t want to be rude! I didn’t know what to do!” she wept. She was 14 at the time.

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The Case for Facebook-Stalking Your Ex

Imagine getting a text informing you that your ex had just scooped a lottery jackpot. It's marginally less awful than receiving a message from your doctor saying, "Please come in to discuss test results!!! Urgent!!!" but definitely much worse than a succession of calls from withheld numbers demanding that you put in a claim for mis-sold PPI. Most of us would probably need a few deep breaths, a biscuit and some mild physio to allow us to fully unclench our jaws. But most of us are not Kirstine Hamilton.

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