Claire Glass

Two Books Check in on Feminist Revolution in Wake of Shulamith Firestone's Death

The death of radical feminist writer Shulamith Firestone on August 28 brought her controversial stand on reproduction back into public consciousness. At around the same time, British journalist Caitlin Moran’s How to Be A Woman was released in the United States, while Gaga Feminism: Sex, Gender, and the End of Normal by J. Jack Halberstam joined the extensive catalogue of writing on the state of womanhood today. With varying levels of success, both books evoke Firestone and suggest, in vastly different ways, that we might achieve some level of equality if only we could embrace her radicalism today.

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It's a Screwed-Up World When Prostituted Women Are Arrested More Often Than the Johns Who Abuse and Kill Them

The Cook County Sheriff’s Office in Illinois spearheaded the third annual National Day of Johns Arrests, officially called Operation Buyer Beware, in August to address law enforcement’s historic focus on arresting prostituted women, as opposed to their customers, the johns. Twenty law enforcement agencies in 11 states participated in the 10-day sting, leading to the arrests of 268 johns, including 66 in Cook County. Though positive, the effort was largely symbolic, impacting just a small fraction of men paying for sex in Chicago and other parts of the country.

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