Christina Larson

Why Some Cities Are Getting Drier as Skyscrapers Rise

It might seem like a cruel irony: While the growth of cities worldwide requires more water resources, urban growth itself may be a factor in creating a drier, or different, regional climate.

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Shrinking Glaciers Have Put Tibetans in the Path of Climate Chaos

For Tenzin Dorje, the road home keeps getting longer. Each year the Tibetan shepherd must walk farther to find streams where his sheep can drink.

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Why a New Water Project in China May Be a Catastrophe in Waiting

In January 2007, an independent geologist named Yong Yang set out from his home in China's western Sichuan Province with a small team of researchers packed into two SUVs to find the unmarked place on the Tibetan plateau from which the Yangtze River springs. They drove over 16,000 miles through China's still-wild western frontier -- vast hinterlands where no roads cross, with mountainous terrain known only to local herders, antelope and wolves.

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