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Trump to Declare Opioid Public Health Emergency, But No New Funds to Help

Donald Trump is to order his health secretary to declare a public health emergency in response to the US’s escalating opioid epidemic. But while the announcement that the president intends to “mobilise his entire administration” to combat the crisis will be seen as an important symbolic moment, there will be no new funds to deal with an epidemic claiming 100 lives or more a day.

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Obama's Former Drug Czar Calls for Ban on High-Grade Opioids at Center of Epidemic

Barack Obama’s former drug czar, Michael Botticelli, has backed a ban on the high-strength opioid painkillers at the heart of the US overdose epidemic now claiming about 50,000 lives a year.

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Don't Blame Addicts for America's Opioid Crisis -- Here Are the Real Culprits

Of all the people Donald Trump could blame for the opioid epidemic, he chose the victims. After his own commission on the opioid crisis issued an interim report this week, Trump said young people should be told drugs are “No good, really bad for you in every way.”

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She Was the Town's Leading Heroin Dealer. She Was 19 Years Old

Breanne McUlty knew about Dr Rajan Masih long before she met him.

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America's Poorest White Town: Abandoned by Coal, Swallowed by Drugs

Karen Jennings patted her heavily made up face, put on a sardonic smile and said she thought she looked good after all she’d been through.

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Portland Vies With Nearby Washington As Oregon Enters the Legal Marijuana Industry

The three young men climbing into the pickup truck close to the Oregon border cheerfully acknowledged they were about to break federal law. But they won’t be doing it for much longer.

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'I Love Ferguson' Campaign at Odds with Young, Outraged Protesters

Ashley Yates views the “I Love Ferguson” campaign as more of a political statement than an expression of support for the city at the eye of a storm over civil rights. And it’s not one she’ll be endorsing any time soon.

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The Media's Pro-Israel Bias: Why Does TV News Look Like a Netanyahu Ad?

Here are a few questions you won’t hear asked of the parade of Israeli officials crossing US television screens during the current crisis in Gaza:

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Israeli Officer's Insane Justification for Killing a 13-Year-Old Girl

An Israeli army officer who repeatedly shot a 13-year-old Palestinian girl in Gaza dismissed a warning from another soldier that she was a child by saying he would have killed her even if she was three years old.

The officer, identified by the army only as Captain R, was charged this week with illegal use of his weapon, conduct unbecoming an officer and other relatively minor infractions after emptying all 10 bullets from his gun's magazine into Iman al-Hams when she walked into a "security area" on the edge of Rafah refugee camp last month.

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