Chris Brooks

How a Scrappy Campus Union Saved Tennessee From Privatization

Taking the podium in her freshly pressed, light-blue work uniform, Doris Conley looked out onto the faces of the Memphis City Council.

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Chattanooga Auto Workers to Host Strike Meeting

At its monthly meeting this weekend, United Auto Workers Local 42 will be informing Volkswagen workers about their right to strike and access to strike benefits.

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Uber's Labor Deception: The Ride-Sharing Business Just Created an 'Immoral, Illegal, Unconscionable Company Union'

It’s called the Independent Drivers Guild—but the new organization for New York City’s estimated 35,000 Uber drivers is “independent” in name only.

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Growing Numbers of Union Activists Going to the Mat for Black Lives Matter

If you’ve attended a Fight for $15 rally or a Black Lives Matter protest in Chicago recently, chances are you’ve seen members of Future Fighters.

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Take a Look at How One Factory 'Maximizes Production' from Workers -- It's Brutal and Beyond Inhumane

Amanda (not her real name) was hired fresh out of high school to work on the Volkswagen assembly line. But after two years in the Chattanooga plant, she had to go on leave to protect her health.

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