Cedar Attanasio

What Happens When a Global Billionaire Is Backed Into a Corner?

Eike Batista used to be the richest man in Brazil. At his peak, in 2010, he commanded a fortune of $34 billion dollars. He was named by Forbes as the world’s 8th richest man. He vowed to become number 1, aiming for a net worth of $100 billion. While his commodity and logistics empire had experimented overseas--in Canada, Greece, Russia, and China--he made his biggest profits back home.

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10 Surprising Facts About Brazil On the Eve of the World Cup

Preparing for the World Cup is not all fun and games for Brazil. In this messy emerging economy, this nascent democracy, the opulence of the Cup contrasts the gaps in infrastructure, security and accountability. Arguments with the Swiss Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) have, at times, challenged Brazil’s sense of national sovereignty. Meanwhile, foreigners are paying closer attention to Brazil. And we’re learning that much of what we thought we knew about the country was wrong.

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