Carolyn Cairns

Why Labeling GMO Food Is a No-Brainer

Bring up genetically engineered foods, and most people focus on the obvious but most vexing questions: are they safe to eat? Or how might they make me sick? Such questions and the inability of current science to provide clear answers, have triggered a polarizing debate about labeling of a scale unprecedented in the history of food labeling. The result has been a slew of proposed state laws, international trade disputes, all mostly centering around the potential risks to human health.

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When It's Time to Fill Your Cavities, All Options Are Toxic

When your dentist finds a cavity, besides the immediate fear of the drill or the painful pinch of the novocaine injection, the choice of filling material can also raise anxieties. And it's not easy—you either opt for plastic composite resins, which use dangerous plasticizers like bisphenol A, or metal amalgam fillings containing mercury, which needs little introduction as a toxic heavy metal. Both types of fillings bring with them concerns about long-term health effects and both show risks and benefits in terms of their durability and other factors affecting long-term oral health.

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Why Are Researchers Finding Traces of Radioactive Particles in Baby Teeth?

The meltdown disasters at Fukushima and Chernobyl have solidified the American public's reticence about nuclear energy. The full health significance of these events is still being debated, as government and academic monitoring programs generate a patchwork of data about their impact. And while many studies show that the risks from nuclear power are negligible in the U.S., these two catastrophes continue to raise questions about long-term safety and the cumulative affect of small and large releases of radioactive material. Meanwhile, researchers are attempting to track these contaminants in the food chain, in our bones and even in baby teeth.

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Don't Let the Hype Stop You from Protecting Yourself - 5 Things to Know Before Baking In the Sun

In recent years there’s been a lot of misinformation and hype over the relative toxicity of different sunscreen ingredients, sunscreen’s effect on how much vitamin D our body makes, and competing claims about which sunscreen products work best. There is even a growing movement of people, spurred by “natural health” websites, who are eschewing sunscreen altogether, and instead promoting alternative products like coconut oil which have dubious sun protection qualities, and could actually pose harm if used as a substitute.

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