Brandy Lee

'The paradigm for toxic masculinity': Clinical psychologist pegs Trump as a man 'plagued with inadequacy who hates and fears' strong women

Dr. Mary Trump’s new book, Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man, made publishing history in the same way as has The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 37 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President, edited by DCReport contributor Bandy X. Lee, a Yale forensic psychiatrist.  Both mark historic events: never has a family member with professional training come forth about the mental unfitness of a president, as never have thousands of mental health professionals come forth with their concerns about any president of any party, in U.S. history.   This week, Dr. Lee interviewed Dr. Ellyn Kaschak, one of the founders of the field of feminist psychology, a faculty member of San Jose State University in California, and editor of the Journal of Women and Therapy for over 20 years.  She wrote a chapter on women’s suffering under the current presidency for The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump.

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Yale psychiatrist: There’s another pandemic sweeping the US

The medical director of the emergency department at New York-Presbyterian Allen Hospital, Dr. Lorna Breen, 49, died by suicide this week. She died, not in the thick of emergency work in the nation’s epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, but afterward, while she was staying at her family home. She recounted to her father the devastating toll the virus took on patients.

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Yale psychiatrist: Trump’s 53-minute Fox rant is yet another dangerous sign of his worsening mental state

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the White House doctor said of Donald Trump’s recent, sudden visit to Walter Reed Hospital: “Despite some speculation, the President … did not undergo any specialized cardiac or neurologic evaluations.” You don’t have to be a medical professional to recognize that the patterns of the unscheduled visit, interrupting the weekend on a Saturday evening, conform more closely to a medical emergency than a routine check-up. Just as the reality of Mr. Trump’s corruption and criminality is catching up with him through the impeachment hearings, the reality of his mental and physical condition cannot help but catch up with him.

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